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The Film Arts Program is a four-part sequence of courses designed to equip learners for each stage of digital video production. These learning pathways provide students with the technical proficiency and practical experiences in development, pre production, production, and post-production. Students will learn the fundamentals of camera, sound, and lighting equipment, basic principles of story development, planning and creation of a studio production, and editing.

Our philosphy

In the Film Arts Pathway learners investigate how an individual’s passions, identity, and unique point of view manifest in the art. The goal is to ignite creativity by providing the tools and the training to become technically proficient as you explore who you are as an artists to develop your unique voice. Through this exploration you will hone in on the types of stories you are motivated to tell, so that can you engage the viewer in a visual conversation.

The Film Arts program is the original honors Production and Managerial Arts Pathway curriculum. What emerged is an award-winning film program within three years, nationally recognized by Advance Career Technical Education (CTE) as one of the top film programs in the nation.